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This soft fedora in fur felt is called the 'Drake', and it's one of our favorite styles! It has a deep tear-drop center dent and a long hand-shaped pinch in the front, paired with a curvaceous, modified homburg brim. Trimmed with wide vintage ribbon, a folded 'arrow' motif on the left side, and mother of pearl buttons. Comes with a ribbon sweatband. 


This is a full size hat, and will be made especially for you to your desired hat size. To determine your hat size, have a friend help you with the following for best results. Sit upright in a chair, and with your friend standing up for a good view, they should measure with a flexible measuring tape the circumference around your head just about one inch above the ears. The tape should go straight around the head, horizontal to the floor. Don't wrap the tape too tightly, and make sure the tape is on (not under) your occipital bone (the bump in the middle of the back of your head). The tape should be fitted to the head, but not constricting, and not loose enough to slip a finger between the tape and the head. You may want to measure a couple of times to be accurate. Send me your head measurement in inches or centimeters.


The hats in the pictures are sample, your hat will be made for you upon receipt of your order, please see the INFO page for current shipping time from when the order is placed. If you need your item sooner than this or by a specific date, please contact me to see if it's possible.


If you want it different somehow (different color, different decoration, etc.), contact me to discuss a custom order.

Mod Style 'Drake' Fedora Hat

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